So on monday I had a call from Ben Grubb (ZDNet reporter), he basically interviewed me about the rfid implant I had done.
If you would like to read it, it can be found here

There is a bit of information that missed the cut.  Currently there is no way of me stopping someone grabbing my hand and reading the UID, recording it and writing to another tag. However I have a solution in place for this.  Time and funds permitted (I just bought an iPad so super poor atm) I will investigate and slowly implement this.  That said you have to be literally 2cm from the chip, know exactly where it is and in order to read the whole chip it takes about 3 seconds then you need to know what pages of data are used as the UID.  I am not particularly fussed about this, it’s not much different from someone stealing my keys, it just makes it a little bit harder 😛

If I get time tomorrow I will upload a vid of me swiping the reader at the front door and gaining access.