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RFID Implant

Ok, so I got an SMS from a friends Doctor saying that he will be able to sterilise and implant my RFID chip.. *YAY*

The only thing holding me back now is being able to read the pages on the chip (not just the UID).  So I have ordered another reader that will hopefully read the chip in plain mode, as apparently the EVO only works in Authentication Mode. Attached is a pic of the Needle and Chip (Sorry about the quality).

I will replace these shots with better ones later.. I just lack motivation 😛

The Devils Mark!

Ok, So i have been looking into RFID a fair bit lately and I have decided to implant a Hitag S rfid chip into my hand.  My goal is to get rid of all my keys (house, car and bike) and just use rfid.  I don’t want to carry anything around with me so the best solution is to implant it!  I have had a few request to blog my process so I have resurrected my old blog with every intention of pouring as much information into it as possible.  I am not going to make any promises here but I will try and post my progress. *cough*

So, what have I got so far? Well I purchased my tags from (Brett is great person and a lot of help). I also purchased some needles for the purpose of implanting the chip, however I can’t remember where from…. Dodgey huh?

I am trying to use the idtronic EVO USB read/writer however I am having problems getting it to recognise the chip as a Hitag, instead it thinks the chip is a EM4002.  I can confirm that they are not as other readers seem to work just fine.  This is a huge pain as the readers are not cheap and I do not wish to purchase another 🙁

Well thats about enough rambling for now, I will post pictures shortly.

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