Ok, So i Have created the monster of all stouts… Well I seem to think it is.
Here are the ingredients that I have decided to place into this brew, prepare yourself for a shock! 😛

Australian Traditional Ale Malt 4.500 kg
Australian Roast Barley 0.200 kg
Australian Chocolate Malt 0.150 kg
German Carafa III 0.150 kg
UK Black Malt 0.100 kg

… Yeah ok the above seems sane, but wait there is more.

Cascade 8.0 % 34 g
Hallertauer Aroma 9.0 % 20 g

Ohh that seems fine also, but I am not finished yet,

Cooking Chocolate 200 g
Coffee, Ground 100 g
Mint Leaves 10 g

Well that is it! Chances are this will taste like shit, but screw it. I will never know unless I try it.
If by some chance a home brew expert is reading this then please go nuts and dig at this as much as you like, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.