Ok so I spent the weekend cutting holes into my doors (and door frames).  I have wired up the front door and garage door now, including the the RTE buttons.  All that remains now is for my alarm panel modules and readers to get here.  Once they arrive I can install them to finish off the job *yay*.

For the front door I used a Padde ES200 strike lock.  I don’t need sensors or the like so this will do the trick just nicely.  For the garage  door I purchased a PGS-701B (for use with a deadbolt).  The only problem here was that the deadbolt I happened to have in my door had a 25mm throw and was to thick for the strike lock. 🙁  So I was on the phone to a few locksmiths and managed to find a place in Balcatta who was extremely helpful (http://www.actionlock.com.au/).

So after I replaced that and hacked up my doors I ran the cable, puttied/filled the holes and wired it up to a 12Volt battery backed PSU.  It is currently wired so that you can open the door with a flick of the RTE.

Mad Props to Welvis for helping source bits etc.