So the next RFID project of mine is almost complete (the car).
I spent Sunday and this afternoon installing the Central Locking in my car but I went one step further and install some RFID kit to go with it. Using an RFID reader and another Solid State relay (with a few diodes thrown in for flavour) when I swipe my hand near the front windscreen the door locks/unlocks.
Unfortunately during the installation I only took 2 photos as I forgot to along the way. 🙁
I will however upload a video soon demonstrating its operation.

The first image is the drivers side door, unfortunately you can not see the actuator, but you can see the metal rod from the actuator connected to the locking bar.
The second image shows the RFID Readers antenna mounted to the window, I will probably find a better place to put this but for the time being it is fine.  The LED indicates a valid ID swipe. I have just placed this LED inside the speaker for now.