Last weekend I went over to some dudes house who just recently built a neat looking homebrew rig, details can be found here;

He has enspired me to get off my butt and start building mine.  I managed to source 3 kegs of similar size from a scrap metal yard. Here is a pic of them jammed into my car 😛

As soon as I got them I headed straight to a mates work, where he proceeded to violate them with a big big mill.

Next step is to measure where the holes for all my connectors need to go, drill then weld and test for leaks.  Given this is a costly exercise I have decided to do one vessel at a time. So far I have purchased a few SS 316 bits from various places, I have also got myself a die grinder and a heap of scotchbrite pads so that I can clean the kegs up (inside and out).  I will post some more pics when I start drilling into the suckers.