So the other day I tried my lemon lime pilsner, unfortunately it is so citrusy that I get epic head…. So it took a while to pour. As I sit here sipping back a pint of it, I thought I would tell the internet all about it. Well internet here it is, it is rather citrusy… That is all! 😛

You can really taste the lemon and lime, probably a little too much that it actually removes the beer like taste! I put way to much in, but the problem I have is that I can’t really gauge how juicy/flavoursome my lemon and limes are… As I take another sip, I am also having trouble detecting any of the SAAZ hops I used for flavour and aroma. Ohh well it is still a very refreshing drop especially if you have been working in the garden on a 40 degree day… Much like today!!!

Please excuse the lame iPhone pic 😛