On Saturday 24/5 I brewed another Red Ale (yeast was pitched on the sunday). I use a No chill method. This recipe was based off of Aldan’s Irish Red, with a few minor changes. This is the third time I have brewed this particular ale, first time was for myself and the second time was for a friend of mine. The OG was 1060 and I expect the FG to be around 1020. It should turn out nicely. The batch for my friend is ready to be racked into the secondary container and then I will bottle this one. I have an Amarillo APA in the cube at the moment but I will be filtering this into a keg on the weekend and force carbonating it. So hopefully it will be ready for Sunday/Monday (Monday being a public holiday of course). I am not sure what my next brew will be but I will definitely be doing one next weekend, after all you must always have a stocked fridge.