I purchased a Web DT375 (webpad). I plan to use this as a touchscreen in my house I am building. Hopefully I will be able to get my hands on 2 more of these. I have just received a Cisco Aironet 350 PCMCIA card to stick into it to test it out. So far so good, the orbiter works and I can control The Squeezebox (which I also recently purchased), the squeezebox will be going outside in the alfresco.
I can also control one of the media directors (MD). An orbiter is basically a glorified remote control. I also have some PLCBUS switches in my current house and they too can be controlled via the webpad.
It is all coming together slowly.

I will be using wired nics for the webpads and making up some POE injectors so all that is required at the mounting points is 1 x Cat5e run. I plan to put one at the front door, in the kitchen and most likely at the back door. I also have a nokia 770 which is being used as a portable orbiter.

I will take some photos of the kit I have and post it up here shortly.