On Wednesday the 16th June 2010 I finally had my rfid chip implanted into my hand!

Ho-freakin-ray (About time huh). So I managed to find a Doctor that was happy to do the procedure for me.  10am rocked by he called my name and it was on.
I took my lovely wife with me to video tape it, although she would of much preferred to do the procedure than tape it but she did a good job none the less.

Below is the procedure (with sound) It is embedded with HTML5 so if you can’t view go check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERCLgf2z2Xg

I will also upload a vid of me demonstrating on my house readers, this isn’t as cool as the video of getting the implant but it will demonstrate one application.

Apologies for the noisy kids in the background they were getting their flu shots.