Just a quick update before I post some pics and footage.
My bike is now officially RFIDeded! Woooo, here is a list of bits I used to do this.

1) Cheap ass RFID reader of ebay with a 12V output
2) Diodes
3) Wire
4) Solid State Relay (I used this instead of a Reed Relay because altronics didn’t have stock, although I should of waited because these aren’t cheap compared to a Reed Relay)
5) 30A Horn Relay
6) Handlebar mounted Switch

I will list specifics later but just quickly I used the Solid State Relay from the RFID reader as this can only do a few mAs and the SS Relay only requires small amounts of mA’s to throw the coil. The SS Relay then throws the horn relay which is connected to the ignition poll on my bike.  So the process of starting my bike consists of the following steps;

1) Turn on RFID reader (this is the switch mounted to the handle bars).
2) Swipe hand over antenna (hey presto we has got powah!)
3) Push start button and listen for the roar of the mighty 250cc engine *cough* 😛

I will insert pictures onto this post soon so watch this space!