On the 21st of March 2011 I got my Solar Panels and inverter installed! Thats to Shane from A Womans Spark for tolerating me so much.  If any one out there is interested in going solar give them a call or visit them at http://www.awomansspark.com.au/ and if you do opt to go with them I sent you (maybe I will get some kick backs!!!) 😛
Anyway, I spent the last week playing around with a perl script that was written to speak to the CMS 2000 inverter. http://www.solarfreaks.com/cms2000-inverter-rs232-serial-port-hack-cms-2000-rs232-t271-140.html mad props to the original author for doing all the hardwork and mad props to Shell_l_d too!
Below are a few pictures of my install, I have a Eaton EATN2000 (which is the same as a CMS2000) and 9 x 188W Solar Sunny ZDNY-C72 Panels. I plan to add 2 more panels onto this setup if I can find them cheap!

When I get some time I will post my dirty hacked scripts and some graphs too! Currently using the script mentioned above but hacked up to produce the rrd I want and Cacti.
Oh and 5 points goes to anyone who can guess where the title for this post came from! 😛