Last week I purchased 12 Mangos at 99c each and pushed these through the juicer. Unfortunately they didn’t produce that much juice, so I kept the pulp also. I am hoping it is going to be enough for my first mango beer attempt. No biggy if it isn’t as I have enough grain to take a another crack at it. Today I finally managed to brew my base brew as previously posted. Nothing out of the ordinary here, brew day went well and I opted to use a 18/45 blend from Proculter. Mad props go out to Wayne for hooking me up with some awesome blends! I also purchased a 73 for the next mango attempt.  This way I can see which yeast works better.  Any who after mash in and the boil (adding some SAAZ along the way for flavour and aroma) my OG was 1045.. Not too bad as the recipes Expected OG is 1047 and hell this is BIAB spec (No fancy rig for me yet!!!) 😛 I also decided to do a 2L yeast starter so I tonight I have just pitched that while my wort cools down, unfortunately I am not a fan of wasting water so I use the no-chill approach.  This method does run higher risks of infection in your beer but so far so good, besides I don’t have the money to buy a good Counter Flow Chiller.

I will add some pics to this post later!

Till then, enjoy and have a good night! 😛