Well it has been a while since I have posted anything on my blog.  Work has been super busy as has life in general.  I have made some progress to my home automation project and my homebrew project, although I haven’t actually done any home brewing for a very long time… But I will get into that later.  This post is just to let anyone who cares or has an interest in what I am doing that I am still alive and will make an attempt to finish off all the outstanding posts I have started previously.

  • The IP Camera stuff I intend to finish I just need to find a better way of doing it before I post anymore.
  • The Mango beer I created was shit and a real disappointment, I will have to try it again though.
  • Solarpanels are still working… YAY however due to my bill being so high (to much computer shit running) It doesn’t really make that much difference 🙁 I plan on increasing the capacity though…
  • Z-Wave stuff, well the whole house is now Z-Waved excluding the bathrooms.. But I will do them eventually!! 😛
  • Micro brew system (I will post some information about this later).
Well that about summarises most of the stuff I have been working on so far.