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Choc Minty Stout… With Just a hint of Coffee

Ok, So i Have created the monster of all stouts… Well I seem to think it is.
Here are the ingredients that I have decided to place into this brew, prepare yourself for a shock! 😛

Australian Traditional Ale Malt 4.500 kg
Australian Roast Barley 0.200 kg
Australian Chocolate Malt 0.150 kg
German Carafa III 0.150 kg
UK Black Malt 0.100 kg

… Yeah ok the above seems sane, but wait there is more.

Cascade 8.0 % 34 g
Hallertauer Aroma 9.0 % 20 g

Ohh that seems fine also, but I am not finished yet,

Cooking Chocolate 200 g
Coffee, Ground 100 g
Mint Leaves 10 g

Well that is it! Chances are this will taste like shit, but screw it. I will never know unless I try it.
If by some chance a home brew expert is reading this then please go nuts and dig at this as much as you like, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.


Phew, I just finished kegging my Amarillo APA, ABV should be around 5.3% and GEEZ does it smell tasty 😛
Before I keg my beer I run it through a filter (gravity fed), I just purchased some new bits for my filter set up and for some reason it seemed to filter a lot slower than usual but we got there in the end and that’s all that matters!
After this I cleaned and sanitised my 20L cube threw some Amarillo hops in it and racked my “Golden Ale Wannabe”. I gave it that name because I am trying to capture similar flavours to the James Squire Golden Ale *fingers crossed*. I am looking at doing a brew this weekend so if anyone out there has a good recipe they recommend let me know.


Woooo I finally got a refractometer so now I can measure the Gravity of my beer yay.

This would of come in handy a long time ago and would have saved a bit of beer too!! 😛
Plus not to mention it would of helped during the brews too!

Anyways I bottled Rhett’s brew for him the other night. Lazy bastard coulda helped.
The FG was approx 1020, so based on the Starting Gravity 1060, we should have an AV of 5.18% (approx). Now to wait at least 6 weeks before we can try it *WAH*


Red Ale

On Saturday 24/5 I brewed another Red Ale (yeast was pitched on the sunday). I use a No chill method. This recipe was based off of Aldan’s Irish Red, with a few minor changes. This is the third time I have brewed this particular ale, first time was for myself and the second time was for a friend of mine. The OG was 1060 and I expect the FG to be around 1020. It should turn out nicely. The batch for my friend is ready to be racked into the secondary container and then I will bottle this one. I have an Amarillo APA in the cube at the moment but I will be filtering this into a keg on the weekend and force carbonating it. So hopefully it will be ready for Sunday/Monday (Monday being a public holiday of course). I am not sure what my next brew will be but I will definitely be doing one next weekend, after all you must always have a stocked fridge.

First Post about HomeBrew

While I am posting random crap about my Home Automation Journey I thought I would kill 2 birds with one stone and use this space to write about my Beer Journey.
I have been doing a fair bit of Home Brew lately, none of this “kit and kilo” shit, but the proper all grain brews. I don’t mean to toot my own horn here but they do taste really nice!
I current use the Brew in a Bag (BIAB) method which does a great job, but I will eventually get to a 2 tier micro brewery system. I am currently drawing up the plans for this and will hopefully post them soon.
So I guess if you are interested (which I fail to see why anyone would be interested in Reading up about some random making beer) you should umm keep watching this space I guess…

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