RFID Implant

Ok, so I got an SMS from a friends Doctor saying that he will be able to sterilise and implant my RFID chip.. *YAY*

The only thing holding me back now is being able to read the pages on the chip (not just the UID).  So I have ordered another reader that will hopefully read the chip in plain mode, as apparently the EVO only works in Authentication Mode. Attached is a pic of the Needle and Chip (Sorry about the quality).

I will replace these shots with better ones later.. I just lack motivation 😛

Strikes and Doors.

Ok so I spent the weekend cutting holes into my doors (and door frames).  I have wired up the front door and garage door now, including the the RTE buttons.  All that remains now is for my alarm panel modules and readers to get here.  Once they arrive I can install them to finish off the job *yay*.

For the front door I used a Padde ES200 strike lock.  I don’t need sensors or the like so this will do the trick just nicely.  For the garage  door I purchased a PGS-701B (for use with a deadbolt).  The only problem here was that the deadbolt I happened to have in my door had a 25mm throw and was to thick for the strike lock. 🙁  So I was on the phone to a few locksmiths and managed to find a place in Balcatta who was extremely helpful (http://www.actionlock.com.au/).

So after I replaced that and hacked up my doors I ran the cable, puttied/filled the holes and wired it up to a 12Volt battery backed PSU.  It is currently wired so that you can open the door with a flick of the RTE.

Mad Props to Welvis for helping source bits etc.

The Devils Mark!

Ok, So i have been looking into RFID a fair bit lately and I have decided to implant a Hitag S rfid chip into my hand.  My goal is to get rid of all my keys (house, car and bike) and just use rfid.  I don’t want to carry anything around with me so the best solution is to implant it!  I have had a few request to blog my process so I have resurrected my old blog with every intention of pouring as much information into it as possible.  I am not going to make any promises here but I will try and post my progress. *cough*

So, what have I got so far? Well I purchased my tags from http://www.sleepallday.org/ (Brett is great person and a lot of help). I also purchased some needles for the purpose of implanting the chip, however I can’t remember where from…. Dodgey huh?

I am trying to use the idtronic EVO USB read/writer however I am having problems getting it to recognise the chip as a Hitag, instead it thinks the chip is a EM4002.  I can confirm that they are not as other readers seem to work just fine.  This is a huge pain as the readers are not cheap and I do not wish to purchase another 🙁

Well thats about enough rambling for now, I will post pictures shortly.

Test Post (Photography)

This is a test post for my photography category.

Commence Building

Well I have been kinda lazy with blogging about the construction of my house and a fair bit has been done. Luckily I have been taking some photos along the way which I will post.

Ok so lets begin, on the 18/10/2008 we went up to the block to take a look as we were advised a few days earlier that building should commence within a week and to our surprise the block had been levelled ready for just that! 😛

R-E ftw

Ok so I haven’t written in a while, I have been busy!! A couple of weeks ago I got my R-E license now I can ride my bike for real like!! Yay 🙂
Since getting my license I haven’t stopped riding , it is so much fun baby! I do however need to buy a summer jacket and a better (enclosed) helmet, mine is an open face with a visor which kinda sux when you are cruising down the freeway. 🙁 oh yeah Paige also wants a new helmet too something pink..

I bought a bike!

So last week I went and got my Learners for my Class R-E License. Then on Monday I bought a Yamaha Virago. It is a cruiser style bike. The one thing that is really annoying is having this bike sitting in the garage and not being able to ride it *ARGH* it’s just not fair dammit.
Any way here is a picture of my new baby! Please excuse the quality as it was taken with my iphone.


Lemon Lime Pilsner

Yesterday I attempted to brew a Pilsner with an infusion of Lemon and Lime. Just before flame out I threw in a heap of Lemon peel (minus the white bitter bits) into the wort. Then when I syphoned it into the contain (no chill style) I threw in some more. Not sure how lime cordial would go, I threw that in also. I am guessing the sugar in that will probably ferment also.

I have just pitched the yeast (Wyeast 2042-Danish Lager) the Gravity Reading is 1041 so this is expect to ferment out to 1010, making it about a 4.2%ABV Brew. All that aside I sure hope I get a distinct lemon/lime taste!

*Fingers Crossed*

Prestart done! Now what?

Ok so about 1 week ago we completed prestart.  Surprisingly it was rather stress free “phew”. So now that we have finance, accounts with power and gas companies or building license and prestart is over and done with, there isn’t much more for us to do but sit back and wait for the builders to get into gear and build the damn thing! So I guess it is time to play the waiting game….. *sigh*

Stouty Goodness

So tonight I just finished kegging my Choc Mint Joe Stout, It doesn’t smell too bad and the FG is 1015 which makes it about 4.6%ABV I will leave it to carbonate for a few days before I try it.

This weekend I plan to make another Golden Ale Wannabe but I think I might pick up the Hops a bit more at the end to try and get a fruitier tasting beer…. (Does that sound a bit queer? :P)

Here is a picture of the stout in the Hydrometer Test Tub (it is a bit blurry so blame the iPhone) however it should give you a rough idea on how dark this brew is.


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